Kelly J Brough

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2022/08/14 Kelly Brough IoT: */2022/08/15/*-"β€Ž@kellybroughformayor -#kelly4denver All voices /January 5 2023 Kelly Brough for Denver Mayor Outdated, overpaid, bloviator pig with red lipstick/* Published Jan 4, 2023 11:59 PM | Updated; Jan 5, 2023.10:37 AM by */Colorado Politics for Denverites News ...

Kelly for Mayor was paid $474,000 a year more than President Barack Obama -"You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a πŸ–πŸ·

Denver Mayor declared a state of emergency: The Westword YouTube handle content of all social channels has been indexed by Marcus Giavanni the next Mayor of Denver on April 4, 2022".""

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What is a "Super City International Hub" @ and #supercityinternationalhub @supercityinternationalhub who is the #disinformationczar β€Ž@Disinformation Czar and Denver Voters' are talking about the most powerful Non-Political-non governmental knowledge base trust platform @ and what about */Got Gerbil/* @gotgerbil and #gotgerbil @

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